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Our wonderful sponsors not only provide cost-effective quality products and services for our members, they also support the Monterey Bay Dental Society. Please visit our sponsor websites today.
All Access Technology specializes in providing on-site and remote computer repair services and network support for home users, small and medium sized businesses, and home-based businesses.

All Access Technology
We support Bay Area dental practice buyers and sellers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Northern California Practice Sales
Prescribe Safe is meant to guide, educate, and provide resources for our local dentists, physicians and patients in the safe use of prescription medications and promote safe and effective pain management in Monterey County.

Prescribe Safe Monterey County

From toothbrushes to digital scanners and office design, ​Patterson Dental offers guidance on more than 130,000 products, equipment and digital solutions. All backed by our trusted expertise, responsive service and unrivaled customer support.


We change lives by helping you prevent catastrophic losses caused by regulatory non-compliance, data breaches, and human error.  We provide you with solutions to help you easily keep protected health information private and secure.

The Goldman Law Firm focuses its practice in the representation of physicians, dentists and optometrists in such areas as malpractice defense, business disputes, business agreements between doctors, wrongful termination and labor commissioner actions, employer/employee risk management and State Board licensing defense.

The Goldman Law Firm
As an elite healthcare provider, you need a credit card processing company that truly cares and provides the tools necessary to help you get paid, reduce liability and improve patient satisfaction.
We can streamline your payment processing, increase payment compliance, and improve satisfaction.

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We offer some of the most comprehensive dental training programs in the area and dedicated to improving the education of our students! Whether you are a dental professional, prospective student, or visitor - we invite you to explore our world through our website. Please take a few moments to browse through our site and learn what other services we have to offer.

Dental Specialties Institute
SDS is a locally owned and operated company servicing the Salinas Valley and Monterey Bay areas. As customer confidentiality is our highest concern, an insured and bonded representative will collect your confidential material and deliver it to our secure facility where it will be promptly destroyed.
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